Shape_with_text in figma

Is it possible to get the same effect as shape_with_text but in Figma rather than FigJam?

What do you mean by “get the same effect”?

You can modify ShapeWithTextNode in Figma.

I am developing a Figma plugin and one requirement is to add/remove/modify shapes with text within. Circles are possible but we need other shapes. I can add shapes, but they won’t accept TextNode children.

I thought I might be able to add SVG images, but again I can’t find a way to do that.

This is brand new to me, so it’s quite likely I am missing something obvious. Thank you for your help.

Since FigJam objects cannot be created in Figma files, you need to find another solution. See an example of what can be achieved with standard Figma tools:

You just have to study this file in detail and convert the creation of such objects into code.

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