Sell on Figma Community - 3rd party payment vs Figma payment

Hi all!

If I have a 3rd party payment integration for the plugin I built do I still need to apply to the waitlist “Sell on Figma Community”:

or is that only for selling using the new Figma payment platform?

I checked the documentation articles like:

But it is not 100% clear for the case of allready having a 3rd party payment integration.

They say that you can use 3rd-party payment integrations, but with that integrated, can I just go through the publishing process and if I get approved they will just label it “Third-Party Payment” and publish it or will I first have to be chosen from the “Sell on Figma Community”-waitlist even if I do not want to use Figma´s own payment gateway?



You can go through the publishing process and they will label it “Third party payment”.

Sell on Figma community is in order to avec the button buy at the top right on your plugin page.
Then Figma handles all the payment for you with a 15% fee according to their doc

Hey Stephane! Thanks for your answer.

I understand the process will change once you are accredited for the “Sell via Figma platform” process either by selection or from the waitlist. But my question was mainly about the process when you are not a choosen seller and with that get a pricing option or tab in the publishing process.

Because currently as a non-chosen one in the normal publish modal there is only a “free license” option:

And as there are multiple comments in the docs that you can not turn a free plugin into a payed plugin I am still not sure if it is the right way to just publish with this “free license” setting which you can not “deactivated” while there is a 3rd party payment included.

Did you or anyone went that whole way beeing aware that there is this “free license” setting on publish and still becoming an approved “Thrid party payment” plugin?



The way I understand the docs is you cannot turn a free plugin into a fully paid plugin.
As you keep free options it should be fine.

I published a plugin and added paid features after but it was not labeled third party payment… However I wrote it in the plugin description

I think you should publish as free and when they’ll test it they will change the license.

Sell on Figma is only when you want your plugin to be sold through Figma pre processing. If you use third party you should not apply to it

Thanks again. And you are probably right with how you describe the process: Publish under “Free Resource License” and they will see that it is a 3rd party payment and label it. Which is a bit strange, but they might just not have any propper workflow implemented except the “afterwards-labeling”. I wait for a response from the Figma Support Team I did send an email to and comment again here, as soon as I have it.

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Thank you! I am curious about their answer

Here it is:

"Plugins that are not being sold through Figma payment platform, will be categorized under the Community Free Resource License even though the plugin is sold via a third-party payment system.

You may choose to supplement the Community Free Resource License with your own licensing terms."

So in short: Yes, you have to publish it under the preset “Figma Free Resource License” and add your own license terms within your shop page and they will work in conjunction with each other.

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Amazing ! Thank you @Sascha_Koeth !

How many views should a free file have to unlock file sales in the Figma Community?

Only elligible creators are allowed to sell on Figma according to their doc.
I think you should send a message to the support team, in case the rule changed since this article was published or maybe they can add you the list?