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Search for assets when having multiple libraries

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    When searching for an asset in figma, dropdown for example, it’s very hard to tell which is from the library you want to take from. We have a native mobile library, a web library, and another for the old design system, it’s very hard to drag the right asset from the library you want to use. There’s no filter to refine the results.

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This is exactly my problem as well. Has anyone found a work around?

This is also really frustrating for me and my team. We’re migrating from old libraries into a new global design system, but folks are accidentally grabbing components from old libraries (which need to be enabled in this in-between phase) thinking they’re part of the new system because it’s not clear which library a search result is from.

The search results already show some information on hover (component name and description), but it would be helpful to show the source library on hover or even prior to interacting with the result.

Screen Shot 2021-07-13 at 3.14.05 PM

Searching from the right panel in “Swap Instance” handles multiple libraries better, but would love to see improvements on this more broadly!

Sorting components in the assets panel by library would be HUGELY beneficial. Similarly, our design system team has libraries for web and app and it is not obvious which library components are being pulled from.


When I search a component in Figma panel it’s impossible recognise which library come from

We have libraries for mobile and desktop and components are similar

Would be nice to add the possibility to know which library does it belong to

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