Return to last view

I use a full keyboard, above the arrow keys are the fn, home, page up, delete, end, and page down keys. Whenever I’m moving quickly and go to delete something, I often accidentally hit “end”. Which jumps me to whatever “end” jumps me to, the upper left frame on the canvas, perhaps?

Anyways, when in a large file, I forget where I am so then I need to zoom out and reorient myself and go back to where I was.

I use the “Return to instance” button all the time when editing components. I would love to extend that feature when using keyboard shortcuts to change your view. So I can quickly hit “back” and then I’m back to my groove without losing too much steam.

@Henry_Busch1 +1 for me for this feature!

I also do software development using Vim, and one of my favorite features of Vim is when I traverse down some code to reference something, I can always hit Ctrl+O to jump back to where I was. I use this a TON. Having an analogous feature in Figma where I can just jump back to the page I was just on would alone be helpful, although I’m sure there are more considerations for something like this, e.g. when the view you want to jump back to is on the same Figma page.

+1000. Just like Slack has back and forward buttons that navigate between the last conversations and channels you have viewed, Figma should have this too to go back and forth between pages in a document and frames that have been focused on.

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