Resizing is an issue of Figma variable window!

Is there any way to expand the variable window? It’s quite difficult to view the entire logic I have applied.

Hey @Ashim_Biswas, thank you for reaching out! I appreciate your feedback around expanding the window width. I can absolutely see how this would be beneficial as it is currently not possible, unfortunately.
I’ve changed the the category from “Ask the community” to “Share an Idea”. Community members can leave their feedback and upvote this feature request. This helps us roadmap future updates. Our Product Managers also check the forums regularly.

Thank you,

Thank you, @Gayani_S. The expansion of that window might be very helpful. The designer can’t see the entire condition without clicking on each section. Sometimes it’s needed to check the code they have applied. Thank you again for changing the category from “Ask the community” to “Share an Idea".

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