Remove or replace "Duplicate" as an action for Design System files in Figma Community

  1. Currently, when a file is shared to Figma community, one of the two buttons above file preview is “Duplicate”, which acts similar to GitHub’s “Fork” and creates a copy of the file for the individual user. For a design system, “Duplicate” is a problematic call-to-action. We want to prevent duplication, which disconnect users from the system, and instead encourage using or installing the system’s original file. Can we disable “Duplicate” button, or replace with “Start using” or “Install”?

  2. See the blue “Duplicate” button on top right of the page, next to “Like”

  3. I’m curious if:
    a: Other design system maintainers have the same concern?
    b: Is Figma going to consider allowing alternative call-to-action button for Design System files?

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