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Remove Flows Want Starter Page No Device

Within the last day my Figma is automatically adding flows to my layouts. I want to designate a starter page and I do not want device to be none. It feels like I’ve lost my mind. Can someone please help me with this dilema?

Thank you in advance!!

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I am also experiencing this! I couldn’t figure out why it was happening. I just finally noticed after I finished prototyping, there were like 6 flows but I only wanted 1 flow. However, I just figured out that I can click each flow and then click the minus icon next to it to delete it…so at least it’s not a mess anymore.


Yes! I delete them as well but it happens repeatedly. This recently started so I don’t know if Figma released an update that is causing this? It sure is annoying! Glad to know it isn’t just me!

Thanks for sharing this Bethany. I appreciate it.

Today I realized that if you duplicate a frame that is a Flow Starting Point, then that creates a new flow. Maybe that’s all that was happening all along! Because if I duplicate a frame that isn’t the starting point, no new flow gets created.

I’m assuming you mean in the Prototype panel on the right? When I click a flow there’s no “minus” icon. Just select frame, copy link, and present. Did you have to do anything to get the minus icon to appear?

Figured it out! :slight_smile:
Step 1: Click on the frame that starts a flow.
Step 2: Open the Prototype tab
Step 3: Click the “-” icon to the right of “Flow starting point”

I was initially looking in the “Flows” section of the Prototype tab without selecting the frame. Sanity restored!


Ha! I get what you mean about the sanity. I almost have the new flow feature figured out. It’s cool that it gives you a left menu showing the different paths to show stakeholders. The one thing that I find irritating now is when I add a new frame on a different row Figma must think I want a new flow as it adds the flow indicator on each new page in a row that I create. I click the - sign on the prototype panel to remove it. (It wasn’t the easiest thing to find, at first, because I didn’t know where the flows were coming from.) Watching a few tutorials has helped. Good luck!

thanks Ian!!! I didnt notice we can do it that way. I think Figma should give us the option to remove the flow in overview prototype besides other options like share link or etc

Multiple flows are necessary, but I think Figma’s implementation of multiple flows leaves a lot to be desired. I think all connections should be tied to a flow, so that I can delete all connections when I delete a flow. The way to see the list of existing flows should be easier to find. Adding a new flow should be possible from the list of flows, and it should make it clear I’m starting a blank flow.

This works. Step 3 from Ian, works just like removing any other properties in figma… the hyphen “-” is same as a minus button. You may have to click the prototype settings button between steps 2 and 3 in Ian’s solution.

I think having different flow starting points will be useful once we get use to it… for doing micro interactions without having users/reviewers start from the beginning all the time. Agree this was confusing.