Quality issue when exporting SVGs that contain bitmaps

Hi. I’m working on an app and exploring the GET/v1/images/:key endpoint.

While pure vector SVGs look fine, the quality of contained bitmaps is quite a bit worse than in Figma itself. (From looks, they might be half the size.)

The scale parameter doesn’t seem to affect this. Is there any way to get better bitmap quality in SVGs?

I hope there’s a fix or workaround since I’d love to provide crisp text and fast loading times.

Another thing I just noticed is that cropped images get included uncropped, potentially bloating the SVG massively. Would be great if the bitmap data was cropped in the SVG export stage. (For image fills used in several places that would be the minimal subimage containing all portions).

Ah, I just realized that the poor quality is due to yet another bug in Safari :disappointed:

Cropping the actual bitmaps would still make a lot of sense though. Please accept that as a performance improvement request.