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Prototyping - Prototype Side Bar Flows Navigation

When clicking through screens in the protype, ie navigating from one artboard to another, the Flows sidebar, doesn’t reflect the page you’re on.

Is this a miss? or was this intentional?

Hey @Lucas_Czuchraj,

This is an expected behavior. Depending on the prototype, the user journey can vary, especially when there’s several interactive components within a single page/frame, which potentially makes displaying the frame/page number irrelevant.

Wondering if a combination of Flow Name as a primary sidebar link, and a subset Frame Name as a secondary link would be more intuitive? The audience who is reviewing the flow such as a business stakeholder and or developer can see all the screens (steps) that make it up, even if most of the page is identical in terms of content and or functionality.

Got it. We’ll be sure to share this with the team. Thanks for the feedback!

Feel free to add it to the forum, so others can vote if interested in this capability: Share Feedback - Figma Support Forum

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