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Prototyping best practices for hover and click effects

I’m new to Figma, so I may have just missed the easy way to do this.

I want to prototype screens with simple hover or click effects. For example, showing a trash icon on hover. There might be 20 of them on a screen.

I know I can create 20 separate frames and then have then display on hover. But that’s really cumbersome.

There is also no show-toggle action. That is, I can either have click to display a frame or click to hide it, but not both.


Ideally, I’d like to be able to have prototyping hide and show selected layers. With a toggle. That solves everything I’m trying to do.

Am I missing a better way to do this?

I would make a single component with a variant for hover. Use the prototyping tools on the component itself. This should allow you to design once and use it multiple times.

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