Prototypes are painfully slow

Has anybody experienced long waiting times for the prototypes to become interactive? It’s even more annoying currently as I’m trying to do some user testing, but the prototype it’s no reliable at all. On the first call it took about 1 minute to become interactive (after the loading bar), but on the second one we lost our patience with it.

It happens the same whenever I do some changes in transitions/animations and I’m trying to see how they look like. For at least about 15s it’s unresponsive and then it takes a bit of clicking to really start catching speed and work smoothly.

I don’t have hidden layers within the project, other files are working as expected, I’m not registered for any Beta testing for Figma, the file/page is not even large.

I run all my prototypes on a new Macbook Pro M1 14" so it really shouldn’t be because of the machine.

Would really appreciate a response from people that have experienced this issue!