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Prototype Sharing via E-Mail not working?

Hey as Figma Newbie I got an issue with the share prototype function.

Each time I use Send invite (Parameters: Anyone with the link … can view prototypes only) the resulting e-mail looks correct. But using the link opens a blank figma screen, only the blue progress bar makes his way from left to right, getting slower and slower till the bar is full and the whole screen comes to sleep - nothing works, no elements, no links, just the blank white screen and the progress bar.

If I use ‘Copy link’ from the same prototype and send it via e-mail, the link is fine and opens my prototype as expected. ?

Gets someone the same strange behavior or have some hints to enclose the issue? I’m thankful for every clue.

This sounds like a bug that needs to be reported to Figma support team via the bug report form.

Thank you, I will contact support.