Prototype not showing device

Hi there,

I’ve used Figma before and am having a problem where the device is not showing up when I go to view it in prototype mode. I have looked in my prototype setting and have the laptop selected so I’m not sure what else to do. Any help is appreciated.

Hey Davina, thank you for reaching out! Have you selected the device in the prototype menu?

Also, when you open prototype preview you will be only able to the frames not the device.

However, if you have selected a frame, choose a device and went to the Present view if could be possible that your frame has a smaller measurement than the device. Take a look at my screen recording below.

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Are you asking why the device doesn’t show up around the outside of your frame? If so, turn on prototype mode and click out of your frame so that nothing is selected. You should now see an option to select a device near the top of the right panel menu. Choose your device from there. Selecting a frame in design mode is intended to reflect the default dimensions of the screen, nor the device that is displayed in the prototype.