Prototype issues

Hi guys, I am having 2 days in a row problems with prototyping. Some interactions just don’t work. It worked well up to 2 days ago, and I didn’t do anything on Figma file. Is there someone that has the sam problem? Thanks!

I have tried to go on a few previous versions over history panel, same thing. Some interactions are not working, even it is connected well. Some interactions lead to wrong frames.

Yeah, we’re experiencing issues with our prototypes. To us, it is clearly something with the latest update since the prototype we had, worked fine for one in our team but not for the others. After that team member updated Figma, the prototype stopped working properly.

It’s mainly the nested interactions that stopped working, also button inputs. Really frustrating and is currently blocking us.

Solved. I wrote to Figma support, and they have fixed it.

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