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Proposed New Side Panel Redesign

The Side panel has become very cumbersome and hard to manage large Figma files.
– Would be great to use a Folder type structure to merge multiple Pages in one place
– The split between Pages and Layers on the side panel is a pain.
– On this mockup Clicking on Layers at the top will open try hidden Layers. I’ve made a quick mock up to illustrate some ideas and get some wheels spinning :slight_smile:

Putting ‘pages’ in the same place as layers makes no sense. They are two completely different user intents. Should tabulate the sidebar (properly) and separate the two, or better yet, give pages a horizontal tabulation and leave layers as-is.

Sorry Man I think you completely misunderstood my Proposal. Never mentioned changing or altering where Layers live. If you look at both Mockups “Layers” are both in the same exact place. This is all about “File structuring” Screens and how Layers are turned on/off. :eyes: