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Proportional or percentage based units in Figma?

So, in Figma, you can tell elements to horizontally scale and they will scale proportionally with their parent container but you can’t ALSO have autolayouts ability to automatically adjust the height of the scaled elements based on text length for example. If you ditch scaling for autolayouts ‘fill container’ to get that automatic height adjustment based on content then elements will automatically only fill the remaining space at equal proportions (like 50/50 for 2, 33/33/33 for 3 and so on). Being able to enter specific proportional units (like element 1 taking up 60% and element 2 taking up 40% of its parent container on resize) into widths/heights or even font size/etc with autolayout would be super helpful when designing for fluid or responsive layouts. This will force designers to think even more about the fluidity and responsiveness of layouts and will remove even more guesswork for dev.

I would love to be able to tell a child element to be 100% the height or width of its parent container. It would be even better if I could then identify behavior at specific breakpoints.

Proportional / Percentage values in input fields would be a huge upgrade! Thanks.

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