Problem with export - icon to font


I’m trying to create a icon font with figma. All my icons are outlined to strokes and flatten but when they are exported and transformed into a font, I’ll get random filled surfaces (the only difference between the shown icons is the size).
exported font

When I open the exported icons with illustrator or a different graphic program everything seems to be normal but I get the same issue if I export them again with the different tool. To narrow down the problem, I created the icon with illustrator, and there was no issue at all.

I hope someone can help me with this problem or knows a workaround.



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Hey Florin, i have quite some experience building icon fonts and currently also use Figma to generate my source icons. Can i ask what toolchain you are using to generate the icon font? Mine is done with a custom python script that uses fontforge to generate the font itself.

One of the key things i found while working with illustrator to create the svgs was to look for extra layers that have stray single points, which are not visible when you look at the file in illustrator, until you select them, but messes up fontforge during the generation.

Let me know if you need some help with this topic.



Try this:


Perfect, thank you!

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Hi Brook,

thanks for your offer, I could solve the problem.