Problem: Send backward/ Bring forward shortcut also Resize Objects?

Hello ! :slight_smile:
When I try to send back/forward a layer with the command: option + command + arrow (up/down) in the left panel.
The red rectangle takes 1 px of height ! Am I doing the command correctly? If not, can you help me?

(Figma Desktop App version 116.2.4)
Mac config


same problem here. There wasn’t a problem with this all the time. Anything changed with the shortcuts? The Keyboard Shortcuts for “sending back” / “front” are currently not working for a German Keyboard without resizing the object. Very irritating behavior. Apple Silicon Figma Beta Desktop App version 116.3.5

is this new update? wtf? how can navigate layers and change order without altering the sizing?

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OMG I’m having this same issue! SO annoying!

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Any information on this?

I created an equal post about this (sorry).

It is quite annoying!

yeah, they suggest to use cmd+[ and cmd+]. but it’s far less convenient in my opinion, especially giving that in autolayout frame you still can use arrows