Preserve color override on font icons

I made a button component with 2 variants :

The icon in the button is a Fontawesome icon

I wish to preserve color override in these buttons when I swap the instance but on swapping it sets the icon at default black colour

I have found multiple topics on color override but they mainly deal with unionized vector icons but I need to keep them as font icons. I’m a bit stuck here and would love some suggestions. Thx

Hi there,

Thank you for getting in touch. Could you please send a screen recording or file link to help us understand the issue you’re experiencing?

According to the article, Figma will attempt to preserve your overrides when you select a different variant, or swap between instances in the Instance menu:

So, I’m wondering why you see it goes back to default color instead of preserving the color.


Hi, Toku.

Apparently, this what happens to instances when you changed their colors and then swap instances.

But this only happens to first-time-loaded instances. If you loaded it before, that’s when it will preserve the colors. This is quite annoying, actually.

Thank you for clarifications @Raphael_M! I will give this feedback to the internal team.

Thanks. Btw, the example is not a font icon but just icon in general.

Gotit. Will get back to you all if there is anything I can share with you. Thanks for your patience!

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hi @y_toku this is my flow using font icons

I assume Figma’s behaviour is normal here as it replaces the whitened icon with another icon in its original colour, but I’ m looking for a way to keep it white

Thank you for the video! It’s really helpful. I shared this with internal team too.