Plugins? for 2D 3D look cartoonish game textures


I am looking into using figma to make images for a top down 2D game using layered images.

Looking for plugin names:

  • for making >
  • 2D images look 3D
  • Shading, esp outer shading of a png
  • color effects
  • cartoony game like looks

For the 2D I am working on creating a look similar to this kind of look.

Relative to 3D, any recommended plugins
I will be doing some SVG exports to Blender, to then make 3D, exported .fbx meshes.
For game map design, fantasy looks. Paths, stone, grass, dirt,… stone walls… cave wall interiors and such.

Thanks for any help or suggestions.

Here is a rough attempt for a building roof and door… need to find a plugin for some wavy line effects… Day 2 of Figma Fun!

Also for png rotation, I only see 180 90 left right… Is there a way to define the degree of rotation?

47 views, 0 replies,… ho hum… found the plugin for rotation… still looking for seamless textures or plug suggestions, although I have found quite a few cool ones…

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