Plugin Development: get files in dropped folder

What I want to do is to be able to drop a folder (from my file system) containing svgs.
For every svg in that folder, I want to create a component (named by the files name) and then combine them as variants (named by the folders name).
Problem is, I cannot manage to get hold of the svgs, just the folder.
I looked at the examples png-crop and icon-drag-and-drop but they’re only handling files directly. Not files wrapped by a folder.

figma.on('drop', (event) => {
    const {files, node, dropMetadata, items} = event;

When I drop a folder will only contain the folders name in files. So I cannot reach the svg files inside. Maybe someone can help?

I use the on drop event (on · Figma Plugins).
The event only contains the folder(s) but not the files in the folders. Is there any option to reach that files?
And no, dropping the files directly is not an option. I need the wrapping.