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Please help me! how do I change a color of my logo?

Hey Everyone! I’m new to Figma. I’ve added a Facebook logo into a button I’ve created inside my current design and of course added some text next to it and i can’t change the color of the logo, just the text’s one… what can I do?

what type of image file is the logo? If it’s svg, click it and change the color on the right side panel. if it’s png or jpg you can’t change it in figma

Thank you for replying. How exactly do I check the image file’s type? I right clicked it and the settings there didn’t have an option to check the image file’s type. there was nothing on the right side panel either.

that’s also not a figma function. you have to check what the file extension is on your computer. If you copied it from google images or something like that, it’s most likely png or jpg

Actually I created the logo with Figma plugin. added some text below the icon and color. can this information indicate the type? it’s not an image actually.

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