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Please bring FigJam stamps to Figma

We would love to use these FigJam stamps on Figma so we can +1, :heart:, :+1: screens.


Hi @ivette!

This sounds like a great idea!
If it’s okay with you, I’m going to drop this in the FoF Slack! It’s an idea with a lot of potential and I could certainly see it working.


of course! I’m not so active there, where do you all share product feedback?

at the moment, I’m grabbing some emojis from emojipedia → creating a library and using those as my “stamps”. would be also neat to be able to use the post-its from FigJam. I created a post-it component but would rather just use the ones from Figma :slight_smile:

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Shared! :slightly_smiling_face:

We mostly just share things in general and random. There isn’t a specific channel for product feedback, as I think they’re trying to integrate that into the forums. Luckily, unlike some other product forums, the developers actually listen to the community, and getting support from the Slack users is always helpful.

Possibly, a similar plugin could also be developed. I would guess that this would be a last resort though.

(and welcome to the community!)

I’m gonna have to disagree. Figjam is a fun place to collaborate and get loose to expand your thinking. The design files should be more rigid and “professional” and it will get very messy and muddled if the two become more “blended”.

This is a big fear of mine that Figma will gamify and let the original vision of the product (product design) get lost in the weeds.

Hi Adam!

I’m (sort-of) agreeing with you. I don’t want my Figma files to be swamped with stickers, either.

I think it could be developed either as

  1. A plugin
  2. On on/off feature

This way, users would be able to disable/enable stickers for certain files, giving the freedom to be as professional or fun as they’d like!


The beauty of Figma is it’s also a fun place to collaborate with screens that can’t be in FigJam. I can draw the line between professional and loose thinking by having a page for “archive / brainstorm” (super messy) then have another page for final, refined screens (professional/rigid).