Pay for Figma as company

Hello. We want to subscribe to the Figma Professional plan as an EU company. When we proceed to payment, the system does not ask us about the type of payment. How can we make a payment on behalf of the company to receive an invoice for accounting with indcated name and registry code of our company?
We tried to ask a question in Figma payment support. They ignored us, no response for a week.
Thank you.

Figma Professional is a plan for individuals (and small teams). Everything within the team is the IP of the team owner as per Figma TOS. Professional plan creates a “contract” between an individual and Figma. So it’s not suitable for companies. You need a Figma Organization plan.

I am the owner of my own company. The company has only 1 employee - me. Why should I buy an enterprise plan and pay 4 times more for some unnecessary features like Single sign-on and so on? If I just need more files in the project.

I didn’t invent Figma’s policies, so idk

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