Pasting images into components should retain image fill settings

Current behavior: When I paste a new image into a layer or component with the Image Fill set to “Fit” it reverts back to “Fill” every single time.

Expected behavior: Pasting an image into a shape/layer/component should retain the original Image Fill setting.

My work frequently involves copying an image from our production site and pasting it into my components. Since it resets image fill each time, I select every layer individually and manually reset the fill to “Fit”. This is really time consuming when working with lots of images.

I see this issue has been raised before in this forum with no fix in the last 2 years.


Hi @heathvs,
Thank you for your feedback! I merged your topic with the previous one so we can gather all the feedbacks in the same place.

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Okay, I can’t be the only person with this issue, but I swear I’ve looked everywhere for the answer, and can’t find anything.

In my Component, I have an image that is set to “FIT” in the “Image Fill” settings (I really do want it to fit the entire image, without cropping anything out). When I duplicate the component and swap out the image, it always defaults back to FILL. This is super frustrating, as I literally need to create 100+ of these images so I’d hate to have to change them all manually (and also defeats the purpose of Components, right?).

Any tips? Advice? Workarounds?? I’m about to lose my hair…

Is there some kind of workaround for this? Is there something I can do using another function, like Auto-Layout or something? I’m still fairly new to Figma, so I’m at a loss here… thanks in advance!

How do you change the image in the instance? Copying an image fill and pasting it into an instance, or using “Choose image” in the “Image” panel? In the first case, the “Fill” property will also be copied. The latter preserves the “Fit” property of the image. I also tried changing the images using the Unsplash plugin, the “Fit” property still remains and does not change to Fill.

Aha… that does it; except that this method is super time-consuming, since I have over 100 images to swap out. Previously, I would select a bunch of images in a folder, then go to COPY, then click to PASTE in each of the instances. This makes it super fast, but unfortunately doesn’t retain the “fit” property. Bummer!

But thank you, though! This is very helpful - even though it’s not as quick, at least it works properly! :slight_smile:

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