Pasting frames into new page will not copy the comments

Looking at previous questions on this forum, this is not possible yet and I wanted a few people to confirm.

Pasting frames into new page will not copy the comments. There is no option to stick / attach comments to a frame, but just the stickiness when you move a frame into the same file (but not even this works consistently). Can someone suggest also a workflow around these buggy and unreliable behaviours? Eg some plugin that uses real objects/text frames that are collapsible and move as expected as any other object?


PS: There is no CUT option in Figma menus? Initially I thought the issue was because I use keyboard for cutting but even if I use COPY, it still doesnt work.

@Marius2 Hey Marius - confirming that you can’t simply cut/copy + paste frames that have comments attached to them.

What you can do is move a frame with comments attached to a different page in the file with the comments attached.

Just right-click the frame > move to page – the comment will move with the frame. This isn’t the same as copy/cut + paste, but could be helpful.

Also – there is a cut option in the general top tool bar under ‘edit’ (or the shortcut CMD + X). it doesn’t appear when right-clicking, so I get the confusion on that end. I’m not having an issue with copying/cutting with shortcuts, but you may have some custom shortcuts or different keyboard configuration I’m not aware of. Let me know if I misunderstood.

Additionally, this page may help: