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Pasting a bulk of stickies as PNG crashed PowerPoint, Google Slides, and Safari

I selected a bulk of stickies, clicked on “Copy as PNG” and attempted at pasting them on my Google Slide document on Chrome. Chrome froze (after the mouse/wheel turning for a few minutes).

Same happened to Safari and PowerPoint. Froze and crashed.

Screen Shot 2021-04-30 at 10.33.26 AM

In the past, pasting a few stickies was smooth. I wonder if it’s the large number of stickies this time that caused the problem.

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Yeah same here, when I select all and copy as png, I know it’s a lot of objects to merge to png, time is not the issue. After 5s it is responsive again but the image is not copied or generated. My guess is that there’s a threshold on the number of elements that can be copied as png or really really far apart object cause some high memory usage.
Because when I tried to copy as png really far apart objects, it failed similarly.