Paste to replace in FigJam would save me a lot of time

Hi, love FigJam and I’ve been making a lot of screen flows by copying frames from design files into FigJam files. The problem I have is that when I need to make updates to those design file frames, I need to detach and reconnect their flow arrows. I have to do this a lot because designs are constantly changing, and it is hard to keep complex flows updated with the latest in FigJam. when I need to replace 10+ screens it gets time-consuming quickly.

I was thinking it would be nice to be able to paste to replace similar to how it works in the design editor. Replace a frame without needing to detach any arrows. It would even be valuable for frames where no arrows are connected at all. I’m suggesting this in lieu of some kind of awesome syncing feature, which seems like a much more complicated ask to me.

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This will finally push me to jump from Miro to Figjam!
When running design walkthrough with external clients, you don’t really want to share the working Figma file for collaboration and trying to use Figjam is really painful.

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