Parent/Child boolean property logic

Today I was trying to create a very flexible input component using the new Figma features. Namely, the boolean show/hide properties you enable in the Layer panel.

I tried adding a boolean property to a button inside a Label area of an input. And then added a boolean to the Label area. However, when I hide the Label in an instance, the Button toggle remains visible.

In my head, if you hide the parent, why would you need to show the controls for a hidden child element?

I mocked up this idea for nested booleans that would only show if the parent would be enabled.

I can see it becoming too complex if we had let’s say 4 levels down. So no idea how to solve that one. :slight_smile:

Or maybe an option to show properties of nested symbols? Who knows.

Thanks for your time! Would love to hear your suggestions or if I’m doing something wrong.


Thank you for sharing this Omar! I just came here to suggest the exact same thing — the variant properties for my card component are getting out of control; I have on/off for each row of possible content, and then 3-5 more properties within each row for possible content that I wish would be hidden if that whole row’s boolean property = False.

Also I love the idea of showing the properties for nested symbols; I’ve been duplicating them for the parent properties so that I don’t have to select the nested component itself to make changes.

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