Overlays are not working on iPad

Hi guys,

I’ve an issue using a prototype with my iPad. The prototype is working well with phone or desktop, but not with the iPad. All works except the overlays. If you press with the finger on an interactive component (icon) to open an overlay, nothing happens or there is a huge delay.

Can anyone help me with this?

How are you running the prototype: In browser (and if so, which one) or in the Figma app itself? I would try both Chrome for iPad and Safari to see if it works in one or the other.

Probably unrelated, but I have had prototypes not work if I mess with the scale settings outside Figma’s control (e.g. pinching in and zooming).

Thanks for your reply! I tried it all - Chrome, Safari, Figma App and even other apps. Just the touch click on overlays is not working.

Ah, got it. That seems like a bug of some sort. The overlay trigger is flaky for me in iPadOS 15.2 as well (both in the app and Safari). Restarting the prototype after loading it the first time seems to improve things, but it is not 100%.

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