Organizing our design system

Hi there,
I’ve got this simple design system, which is getting more and more messy, so I want to start from scratch and create a new flexible system. But I need some guidance on how to structure it in Figma.

I would love not to have one file with all components, but instead breaking it down to one design file per component. So that I for each component can have

  • Cover
  • Sandbox
  • Documentation
  • Handover
  • Figma component
  • etc

But how do I tie all these single file components together as one design system in figma? I mean, I dont want to import e.g. 50 small libraries (buttons, input, image, etc) each time I start a new project and need the UI avalable.

Does this make sense?

Hi @Kasper_Gantzhorn

As a team admin you can pre select all the libraries needed by the team, and add them to be automatically embeded on your Figma files, within this team. Doing so, you will only need to add all of those libraries once to be available through all your ongoing and futur project.

Slecect your team > Settings > Enables libraries, after that change the value from off to design and that’s all done.

Other than that, I’m not sure I have any other solution right now.
Let met know if it work for you