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Not able to download figma files in local

Hello everyone

could you please guide me , I am having some problem here. we have made a design its 106 pages I tried to download as local but it stuck on some points. we tried make it in two parts but then we only able to download 69 pages only the rest of pages not able to download. could you guide or give idea what to do as we stuck badly.

many thanks in advance


Why do you want to download it in the first place?

Thanks Gleb

actually I am not designer I took a work from designer and I want to safe this design in my local and in my figma account also but I am not sure how, if I dont able to download local but is it any way to transfer online from one account to my figma account?


Instead of downloading you should be able to transfer the ownership of the file directly in Figma. Here’s a help article that explains how to do this.