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New to Figma - if I 'Save local copy', is it still linked to the creator?


Our company have been using a design agency to create our next website and they have been using Figma. I have a link to the Figma board and have done File > Save local copy and opened the file on my PC/software app.

My question is, if I add comment to the Figma file (not through the browser), will the original creator be able to see these comments?

If they will see the comments, how do I transfer these offline files onto my own board where they can’t see my comments?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Jamie_Gregory, imported local files are not associated with their creator. Access to the file and its resource will be only to those whom you have allowed in the “Share” menu.

Hi @tank666 thanks for getting back to me.
Despite ‘saving a local copy’, then opening it through Figma’s software app, once I added a comment to the file, I went back to the original Figma link through the website browser and noticed the comment was there too.

How do I download the file entirely locally, then upload it so only I have access and creative control over it?

Can you please tell me where you imported the “.fig” file to Drafts or Team Project?

The imported file must have a unique link. That is, the links to the design file from your agency and the file you imported will be different.

Which file have you added a comment to? Make sure you add a comment to the file you imported and not to the agency file.

Think I’ve figured it out!
I was just opening the file from my file explorer and it was taking me to the ‘Recent files’ and when I opened it, it was opening the Agency’s file.

I’ve created a new project that only I am involved with, imported the figma file into it, and now I can edit and invite my own team.

Just one last question please! Now that I have all these files saved locally onto my PC. If the agency deleted their online versions, would I still be able to open my files saved locally at the version point where they was when I downloaded them?

If the agency deletes the file, it will not affect your imported file in any way, because they are two different, unrelated files that are located in different accounts.

If I hadn’t yet imported the file to my Figma project and just kept it as a local file, that won’t be affected either (if the agency deleted theirs), will it?

No, it won’t affect. You can still import a local copy into your team project or drafts.

Brilliant, thanks! You’ve solved all my issues :smiley:

Have a wonderful day!

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