New Plugin Menu - broke my workflow?

I am using the Figma desktop app and sitting within an org (no org-wide plugin list).

The new plugin list under the Mac Plugins menu has apparently changed to show a limited set (recents) of plugins. There is an Installed sub menu which lists all the installed plugins. I have two issues with this change:

→ This broke my mental map on how to quickly access the full plugin list. Yea, I know I can drill into Installed Plugins but that requires more fiddly mousing.

→ I use Keyboard Maestro to add keyboard shortcuts to my most used plugins. Keyboard Maestro “looks” under the Plugins menu to “find” the correct plugin. If the Plugin menu changes dynamically it can’t just go find it. Now all my shortcuts simply don’t work.

I was going 100 MPH and now it’s back to 55. I can’t drive 55!

Look under the Installed Plugins menu which doesn’t change. Assuming you are talking about the menubar.

Yea, my workaround was to remap the roughly 30 Keyboard Maestro macros to the path:

Menu Title: Plugins / Submenu: Installed plugins / Menu Item: plugin name

It works now so my workflow is restored.

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