New items added don't show up - only their outlines

I can’t seem to add shapes, sticky notes, text, or images to my FigJam. I can duplicate existing items and edit those, however. Super strange. This only happened today after transferring the Jam to a Team folder.

Check out the ghost items below:


Figma engineer here. Some questions: Does this happen for other people in your file? Does this happen when you refresh your tab? Is it happening in other files also?

If it’s still happening for you after a refresh, can you give edit access to and we can investigate further!

Heya! Other people are facing the same issues but only on this file. And yes even if I refresh on both the desktop and web apps. But other files are fine. I created a new FigJam file and replicated the steps (transferred to same team and opened editing access, opened on web) - no issues on the new file.

Invite to edit sent!

Hi Ces,
Could you send us a link to the file, so we can investigate?


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Hi Ces,

Usually when this happens, there’s something pasted into the FigJam file with a mask on it. We have also recently made changes such that it shouldn’t happen in the future.

Let us know if you need any help!