Need scroll events in embed prototype inside iframe

I am using article to embed Figma prototype inside iframe.
According to this article, I am getting ‘PRESENTED_NODE_CHANGED’ and ‘MOUSE_PRESS_OR_RELEASE’ events whenever the page gets changed while interacting with prototype, and on click respectively.
For my use case, I also need the ‘SCROLL’ events, that should trigger whenver user is scrolling the prototype inside the iframe. I couldn’t find any documentation of such an event, but I belive this is a common usecase to know the scrolling position of the prototype.
Do Figma have this event which I can listen to in javascript?
Or is there any workaround to achieve this behaviour.

@Harsh_Mathur Afraid I’m not knowledgeable enough to answer this. I’m going to leave it open for the developer community to chime in.

If you’d like to get direct feedback on how you can work this out for your instance, please feel free to file a support ticket here, and someone more confident in API related questions will get back to you: