Need ability to cut, copy, paste, merge fills into an image layer

As the title says, I’m interested in seeing Figma add the ability to Need to cut, copy, paste, and merge fills into an image layer. Sketch has that ability but I have not been able to find that same ability in Figma.

So you might ask… Why would you want to do that?


As a product designer my design work is often related to the modification or enhancement of existing products. When I used Sketch I can take a screen capture of the live application and then design the modifications directly into the screenshot of the existing UI. To do this in a clean way I need to be able to:

1.) Cut off or trim the parts of the existing UI that are to be over written by the new design.
2.) Mask over parts of the UI that are either not relevant or contain sensitive information. In sketch you can place a fill directly into an image layer. This essentially “redacts” the information from the file. This is different (and better/more secure) than just placing a filled shape on top of the image layer and then grouping them together.

It would also be nice to be able to edit a post to fix typos!

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