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My screen is too small

Hi. Can someone help me please. I must’ve pressed something that my screen looks like this. It’s too small. My installed software is perfectly fine but the web app is like this. I can’t adjust it and I have a deadline today. {Please help.


Hi Kristine. Do you have your browser view scale zoomed out? You might want to reset your browser zoom back to 100% to see if this fixes things.

Hi. Im really new to this and don\t know how to proceed. Whenever I load pages on my browser, it is normal except for figma. I tried that already but nothing changed.

Thanks for the reply btw. I appreciate it,to%20zoom%20in%20or%20out.

hI gLEB. Thanks for that. unfortunately, it didn’t worked as well. The other tab browsers are working perfectly fine. just an issue with figma

Can you be more specific about what exactly isn’t working and what you are attempting? It’s as simple as pressing the reset button:

Hio Gleb., It is now working perfectly fine. I open the dev tools, console then adjust it from there. Thanks for giving me an idea.