"Moving" background for a game design

Hello, Figma community,

I am wondering if it is possible to create a point and click game where I can simulate a “moving” background. I was thinking of a character that moves in some environment (background).

Character: upon pressing an arrow key, I could prototype a walking movement.
Background: how can I pan the background to the left, right, top and bottom?

Any ideas?

Check out this game made in Figma: https://figma.fun/aokqnx — it uses Interactive Components but I think you can achieve a similar effect by using just smart animate. But of course that would be pretty complex in any scenario.

Thx … there are several of these games where the character “moves” forward and the background passes by automatically.

I want the effect like in current Google’s champion island 8-bit. You move the character and explore a map.


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