Modify a component instance

Could be nice to modify a component instance. Here an example:

I want to be able to create a “list” component. And by definition I don’t know how many items I will have in this list.
Today I have to create hidden children in the list so I will be able to unhide them if necessary in my instances.
I want to be able to create this generic list with some basics constraint and then to be able to drag into it any element I want.

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I agree, we need a way to be able to add to or edit instances without having to detach them (which sort of negates the whole point of having components in the first place :sweat_smile:)

I have a scenario where I’m creating the “app container” as a reusable component instance over all views, inside it (right to the vertical navigation and under the top bar) I have the actual “view content”. It would be great if we could define the “container” (lets say an auto layout column) in there that could hold new content based on the view.

The way I’ve solved this for now is to have a “safe space” background that I can show/hide in the master component. The navigation also has a “minimize” variant that can be enabled upon clicking the logo on top and this works great, however, since the views “container” is not a part of the views content, it does not auto adjust when minimizing the navigation. If it was inside the actual instance container, it should naturally resize with it.

Being able to add content to an instance would be very helpful :smiley:

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