Modal slide in

Hi all, :slight_smile:
I’m wanting to transition from one frame to another where I blur the background and then slide in a panel from an edge. Would someone be able to tell me how I can set this up to work in prototyping :slight_smile: (I’m rushing to get it done which is why I’m asking rather than researching myself!) :smiley:


Do you have any specific part that you don’t know how to do or you don’t know how to implement it at all?

Yeah so I don’t know how to set up a transition from one frame to the next where something off screen will slide in as I go to the next screen. :slight_smile: Does that make sense?

e.g. A side panel will slide in when I click a button (terribly quick example attached)


  1. Create a final result screen with all the necessary elements and effects (as on the right in your screenshot);
  • Button, background blur layer, modal panel.
  1. Duplicate your screen frame;
  2. Move the modal outside of the frame and change the opacity of the background blur layer;
  3. Create an interaction from the button on the duplicated frame to the final result frame by choosing the settings you want (for example, Animation: moving from left, with smart animate matching layers).

Oh you’re fantastic thank you! It was the checkbox I’d not seen for matching layers.

Thank you so much for your time, really appreciate it. :smiley: