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Mobile prototyping

Hello all,

My team has run into an issue, and I am wondering if there is a solution at this point.

My UX Researcher is conducting an unmoderated usability test through UserTesting of a mobile app prototype created in Figma and then brought to my UX shop to conduct testing.

The problem we are running into is that because Figma is web-based, the prototype on the test participant’s phone will display like a web page, not an actual app.

I know Figma Mirror (and the new app Figma is building to replace Mirror) would fix this, but we can’t ask the test participants to download another app to test the prototype. The participant can also save the prototype link to the homepage of their phone and then open it without the status and tab bars. All of the solutions I’ve been able to develop are much too complicated for the testers. InVision handles this well because you can access prototypes without the status and tab bars on all mobile web browsers.

Does anyone know of another way of handling this issue, or should we ignore testing in Figma for the time being?

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In iOS the browser bars will disappear if you save the web page as a favorite and then open it.