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Missing font pop-up appearing for an installed font

Hi all,

I’m accessing a file (desktop version) which uses a particular font. I have installed the font but I’m still unable to edit any text using the font. I can also pick the font from the font picker but if I create a new text box nothing appears when I type. The size option is also greyed out. Screenshot below. Any ideas how I can resolve this?

It looks like the font you have flagged by Figma is actually present on your machine. Which is… strange. If I get this right - maybe that’s the reason why you’re stuck.

If you change this for any other font that has a different name - will the text be editable, as expected?

If YES, there is a not elegant workaround:

  1. Change all present font occurrences that cause problems to temporary font family, important: make sure it has equivalent font weights (light, bold, regular, etc) as you need in your file
  2. Close Figma.
  3. Unistall temporary font family - we need to force Figma to prompt us with font mapping option
  4. Open you file in Figma
  5. Use the mapping font option for the font you actually need
  6. Install the temporarily uninstalled font family. If you need it working in Figma, restart figma again.

Note: it would be great if the font mapping option would be possible even if fonts are not missing - maybe someday in the future?..

Hi Adam,

Thanks for your reply!

The text is indeed editable if I change the font. I have a feeling that forcing Figma to prompt us with the font mapping option may not do the trick. Even if I create a new text field and try to use the font it does not allow me to type anything. (Sidenote: the font works fine in other applications)

I’ve attached a video below.

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