Mirroring screens don't switch in Figma iOS app

In the previous version (Figma Mirror app), it was quick and easy to switch between screens just by tapping on the right or left half of the phone screen. But now in the new version (mirroring is a feature), it doesn’t work in that way anymore. I am having difficulties switching between my screens. does anyone have the same issue?
device: iPhone 11 iOS 15.1

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Haven’t been able to mirror from the desktop app to my mobile using the mobile app for sometime now. It’s more than screens don’t switch, when I select a frame in the desktop app it doesn’t mirror.

Sad :frowning: Hope Figma team will fix it asap

I have the same problem.:disappointed_relieved:

Hey everyone - there was a recent update, and you can download it for iOS here: ‎Figma – prototype mirror share on the App Store

See if the new release alleviates the issues with swapping screens. If you’re still having issues, please let our support team know. We’d like to collect all info on what you experience: Submit a bug form →

Krishida, the most recent update to the Figma app was three weeks ago and doesn’t address the inability to select a frame or component and mirror it within the app.

Was the release to the app even tested?

It is this latest version that caused the problem.
Figma Version 20.0.2
Build: 6108825

I tried it, no matter new version or old version, no matter it is android or ios version, there is this issue. Maybe the issues is in the Figma server?

Agree. I was contacted by support from Figma who I provided some debug info to. The newly released Figma app has done nothing to rectify the problem, it’s still impossible to select a frame from the desktop app and for it to mirror to the phone app.

This may help some users with the problem of the Mirror app not advancing with desktop clicks.
The app now has the ability to browse a Figma file on your mobile. That will not follow your desktop clicks.
Select “Mirror” in the bottom nav. This will load your open file in Figma Desktop, allow you to mirror it onto mobile and it follows desktop clicks.

I only discovered this, as I went down the ‘browse file’ route first and got really confused!

Thank you, but this problem is not what we’re talking about.

Hi all, we are aware of this issue and it seems to mainly affect people using the desktop and mobile apps. We’re currently working on this, but a good workaround is to use Figma in your browser.

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