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Migration of files made in one workspace/organization to another


My company recently engaged with an agency on a design project where they built the Design System library and app designs that inherit from this library in their workspace in Figma. As handover, they are now trying to transfer these files into the company’s Figma workspace.

However, we’re seeing that a .fig export isn’t working out as, after importing the .fig clones of both DS and app design into the company’s workspace, the component instances in the app designs continue to point to the component definitions in the agency’s workspace. Ditto for text and layer styles. Manually relinking every component instance to refer to the cloned DS imported into the company workspace is going to be time consuming (Although appearance is preserved).

The agency did reach out to the Figma team but their responses have been delayed. Does anyone have a workaround or managed to get Figma to solve this? If yes, what did they do?

The only way to move files to another Org is via Figma support.

The quickest way to do it manually is to use the new Library Swap feature.

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