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Measuring the distance

Hello everyone! Please tell me why the distance between the elements is not shown, although I did everything right: I selected an element in the frame, hovered the cursor over another element and clicked alt I must say that everything works in a pure experiment, but not on a one-page blog. All layers are unlocked.

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Maybe there is some group or image that lays on top and prevents you from getting deeper into the layers structure. Also try holding Cmd/Ctrl for deep select.

Unfortunately it didn’t help

Can you show screenshots and send the file? It’s hard to help with almost no information.

The distances from the element to the frame walls are shown, when you hover over an adjacent element, the selection jumps to the frame again

Thank you, I’ll do it now

I would like to add that this functional behavior is unlikely to be a system error. Figma online (google-chrom) gives a similar result.

I see that columns are added as an image for some reason instead of Layout Grids functionality in Figma. This image is probably covering the whole screen, making it impossible to measure distances to objects below, as I said previously.

Also you can upload pictures to the forum directly, no need to use file hosting.

Perhaps it would be easier to download the figma file itself, which I will now do through the exchanger, since files with the fig extension are not authorized. And the stripes are used exclusively for posting content, they can be removed.

Gleb, you were completely right! When I removed the stripes, everything worked. Thank you so much! The topic is closed. :relaxed: