Looking for very good WatchOS kit - need advice please!

I’ve been out of the design loop for about a year now so a bit behind. I have an idea for an app I want to work on. It will be for phones and watches. Figured I’d start with Apple devices first. And more specifically, I want to play around with an Apple Watch version before the phone design.

I see Joey’s great iOS 16 kit but wondered if there is something as good for WatchOS? I’d like something pretty complete so I can get mockups done quickly. I also don’t mind paying for something if it’s really good.

As mentioned, a bit out of the loop. Suggestions on sites to look at for good kits? I searched through community and see one but it hasn’t been updated in about 2 years that seems popular. Obviously I can get started with that but if there is something amazing out there please let me know.

Also, I noticed Apple has UI kits but nothing for Figma. Why is this? Is Apple not a fan of Figma these days?

Thanks all! Appreciate in advance any help :slight_smile: