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Log in flow needs to be refined for new users

Hello Figma

I think the new user login experience should be as frictionless as possible. Whenever I invite a new colleague to a FigJam/Figma file, I ask them to sign up with Google. However, some of them already done this before and then it throws an error saying, an account already exists, but does not lead me to Log In with Google, but instead ask me to Sign Up again.

Having a more frictionless approach by allow any anonymous user to edit in Figjam (just like Google Docs), or helping users to log in if they already have an existing account will allow more novice users to use Figjam immediately.

Also, the mobile login experience ought to be improved too. Currently, the mobile option is only “Log in or sign up” and the default form is “Log In”, and the “create one” account link is very tiny right at the bottom.