Link to selected frame/comment problems

Hey guys,

since some weeks, months actually I figured out some problems while linking to a selected frame. I use Figma as a Desktop App. If i got links to specific frames in form of comments or links over mail/Slack etc. and open it, so figma on web opens first and then my desktop app.

Desktop app: But those links lead me to “some” place but not where the selected frame is actually. I got the same “bug” also with comments. After click on the link in the notification email Figma leads me to “some” place but not to the specific comment … very strange.

I use the latest figma desktop version.

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I have the same problem. If I open a Figma page from a link, I always land in the middle of nowwhere and have to scroll manually to the frames.
Have not found a solution yet. Hit Shift +9 at least jumps to the “Zoom to fit” overview, but not to the selected frame.
Seems to be a bug from Figma.

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