Link to frame in history

I want to link to a specific version in history. This will keep references in JIRA consistent.

Github has this ability with code. You can link to a specific line in a specific commit. Thanks!


To be a bit more clear. I want to link to a frame within a specific history version.

this would be a great feature to have +1

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Here’s another one who’d want this feature! This would make it possible to link the frame in history to a user story i.e. in GitLab. In GitLab, there’s a specific area for designs but they are just pictures so they don’t include all the design/style values available in Figma. Linking to a specific frame in history makes the development experience much better because developer doesn’t have to find the correct frame from the whole design file.

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Hi! We want to make it easier to work with older design file versions. Right now, we can only share a link to the whole saved old version, but not just a specific screen/frame inside it. Even if we try to share a specific frame from an old version, it opens up in the current file version. Figma support told us they don’t have this feature yet, but having it would really help us when sharing past designs and working with devs. Thanks!

Please we need this feature! :heart_eyes:

Just to add my use case:

As an engineer, when we write Jira cards for a supplied design, we base the estimation on the work that is presented. If that work changes since the card was raised it changes estimations. Ideally, I would like to link to a specific version in the Jira ticket, and then manage additional changes.